About Us

Integrated Group on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), established in 2012, is a specialized Libyan company that provides services to various segments of society, including individuals, commercial activities and public and private companies.

Since its inception, the company has been striving to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of technology, and the company is always trying to benefit from the recruitment of qualified national cadres with experience


Vision of the company

Leadership in technology and excellence in services, with active participation in community building.

Company Message

Contribute to building a civilized society that is up to date and able to deal with and benefit from technological developments.

The goals of the company

The main objectives of the company that we seek to achieve and hope to maintain.

  • Keeping pace with the rapid and continuous development in the field of information and communication technology and providing these technologies to customers in the easiest ways possible.
  • Focus on providing excellent after-sales services, so that the customer can make the most of the products and services provided by the company, as well as providing assistance in the event of any obstacles or breakdowns that may occur during operation and use.
  • Developing and updating services by periodically following up customers and benefiting from their feedback resulting from their experience to improve the quality of services in the future.

Company Areas

Since its inception, the company has paid great attention to providing high quality products and providing excellent services and consulting to its customers in many technical fields, and its main objective was customer satisfaction. The company’s activities are divided into three main areas: services – supply and sales – and vocational training, the following is a brief overview of these areas


  1. Services

 Design and establishment of information systems. This service includes the preparation, design and implementation of various information systems on Sibel but not limited to sales management system, warehouse management system, accounting system, personnel system, hotel reservation system.

 Implementation and installation of surveillance and early warning systems. This service provides the possibility of setting up surveillance systems with surveillance and tracking cameras, as well as setting up Indar anti-theft systems.

 Implementation and installation of wired and wireless computer networks. Includes everything related to wired and wireless computer networks with all its equipment and details.

 Implementation and installation of networking between several points. It is a process of linking a group of geographically dispersed sites through transmitting and receiving antennas, which can be used to connect sites to assemble services distributed on more than one location.

 Internet service provider.

Technical services and maintenance of equipment and devices


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